How do I turn on the frame?

You just received your new Aura and took it out of its gift box. Now what? See how easy it is to go from the box to powering on your frame in this short video.

Take your Aura and its included power cord out of its box. Insert the end of the power cord into the blue input hole on the back of the frame, then plug the power brick into a nearby outlet. You'll see a spinning circle while the frame is starting up, followed by the Aura logo and a set of numbers. (Don't forget to remove the screen protector by pulling the tab at the upper left of the display to remove the clear film!)

Open the Aura App and sign up using your first name and email address. On the next screen, select "Set up a new frame" which will guide you through the steps to connect to WiFi and send photos to the frame.

For more videos on getting started with Aura and its features, click here!

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