How do I use gesture control?

Wave your hand from right to left to advance a photo and view the next photo in your frame's queue. To go back and view the previous photo, wave your hand from left to right. You can also wave your hand up to view the details of a particular photo (including where and when the photo was taken) and send a message of "thanks" to the person who contributed the photo to your frame!

Using the gesture control on your Aura Frame can take a little bit of practice however we've put together some useful tips to assist you in mastering the art!

  1. Focus your gestures in front of your frames sensor window.
  2. Wave your hand within two feet of the frame (approximately 1 foot away).
  3. Stand a little to the left or right of the frame (so the sensor can pick up on the light changing with your hand gesture).

Watch our short video to see Aura's gesture control in action:



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