How does the frame and app sync with my photos?

The Aura App constantly syncs with your photo library so it is always up to date and your recent photos are available to add to your frame. Aura uses advanced facial recognition software to scan all the photos on your device. It will then recognize the people and pets you take photos of most often and sort them into Collections. Enable Smart Select for the people you want to see on your frame and any past and future photos you take of them will automatically be displayed.

Aura's Smart Select tool eliminates the need to go through and manage your photo library. If you have Smart Select enabled for an album or Collection Aura will filter the photos for you, avoiding images that are low contrast, blurry, duplicate, low resolution, or contain nudity. Smart Select is an easy and convenient way to display your best photos on your Aura Frame, plus any new photos you add the album or photos taken of that person you've enabled Smart Select for will automatically be added to your frame.

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