How does the frame and app sync with my photos?

Once you connect your frame to WiFi, the app will ask you to grant it permission to access photos. Make sure you click "Allow" or your frame won't work.

Aura uses advanced facial recognition software to scan all the photos in your Camera Roll. It will then recognize the most featured faces in your camera roll and sort it into an album based on that face. You are able to select the people you want to see on your frame and any past and future photos you take of them will automatically be displayed.

If you have albums on your Apple device or in iCloud, you can either select individual photos from an album or your Camera Roll, or you can select an entire album by using the Smart Select tool. This will filter the photos in the album and only display the best photos from that album on your frame. If you have an album or person set to Smart Select, any new photos you add to that album or photos you take of that person will be automatically uploaded to your frame.

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