Does Aura shuffle the order of my photos?

Aura takes cues from its environment to decide which photos to display and the order of the photos. Aura will determine which photos and events have been viewed and interacted with, and then will show ones you haven't seen recently, shuffling them a little bit each time. To keep the photos fresh - especially for those who send photos to loved ones who are far away - Aura will always display newly added photos first.

To continue to be surprised by new photos and old memories displaying on your frame, we recommend you keep adding photos (especially if your slideshow timing is set to fast instead of smart), invite family members to contribute photos, or add an entire collection/person to your frame so we can help add the best photos for you.

We're constantly working to improve how Aura selects the best photos in the best order, so please don't hesitate to contact us at about your experience. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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