How do I know if all my photos have uploaded to the frame?

All of the photos that have been selected for your frame will appear in the "Selected" folder in the Aura App.

If you enabled Smart Select to filter from within Albums or Collections in the app this may take some time. You can monitor the progress in the app as Aura selects the best images for your frame. Once the app has finished analyzing the photos they will be sorted into three tabs: All, Selected and Unselected. You can view the "Unselected" tab to see any photos that weren't chosen to display on your frame. If you wish you can edit these photos and choose to send them to the frame anyway.

Please note that when you first set up your Aura Account and add photos to the frame it does take a bit of time for your Photos library to sync with the Aura App. In order for the photos to continue loading it is required that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and has over 80% battery life. Please also make sure the Aura App is open and running in the background.

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