My frame won't connect via Bluetooth. What should I do?

First unplug your frame and plug it back in, then do a hard restart of your iOS device (hold down the power and home button until you see the a white screen with the black Apple logo) and force quit the Aura App (press the home button on your iOS device and swipe up on the Aura App window to quit).

Make sure WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on your iOS device (Settings > Bluetooth > On). Open the Aura App and select set up a new frame, then follow the instructions provided to connect the frame to your home WiFi network. Once your frame is online you'll be able to select photos and control the frame using the Aura App.

If your frame is still not working, please contact customer support.

Please note: iPad 2 bluetooth pairing is not supported by this accessory. You will need an iPad 3rd generation or newer to set up Aura and connect the frame to WiFi.

Aura is compatible with:

  • iOS 9+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • iPad 3 or newer
  • iPad mini or newer
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