What does Aura do with my photos?

The Aura app syncs with your photo library and will automatically update to upload any new photos you take on your phone.

When you first set up your Aura account and enable photo permissions, Aura begins to sync your photo library with your account profile in the Aura app. The Aura app mirrors your phone's photo library and copies all of the photos and albums from your photo library into the app. Aura supports iCloud and Google Photos, so if you add a photo on your computer with either of these services it will also appear in the Aura app.

Automatic syncing means you can easily add a photo to your frame as soon as it's taken, and even allows for auto-uploading of new photos of a person or pet you have selected for the frame without even opening the Aura app. It's also necessary for Aura to create Smart Albums and analyze and filter your photos so that items like IDs and screenshots don't appear on your frame.

To preserve your phone's battery life and data usage, Aura only uploads photos when your phone is connected to WiFi and has over 80% battery life. Please also make sure the Aura app is open and running in the background.

You can control which photos appear on your frame and in the Aura app.

While Aura's automatic photo syncing means you can't select which photos are uploaded to the Aura app ahead of time, you have several options for removing photos you don't want to see. Hide photos to remove them from a frame, block an album so that it doesn't show in the Aura app, or delete a photo entirely.

Your photos are 100% secure with Aura.

We have taken every precaution with regards to the privacy and security of your photos. Any photo that is in the Aura app or displayed on the frame can only be seen by people you have explicitly invited to join your frame. Aura stores your photos both locally on the frame and on our secure cloud database, so there is no limit to the number of photos you can add to your frame with zero subscription fees. Aura uses AES-256 - advanced encryption standard.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Click here for our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your account and how we protect your photos, please reach out to us at help@auraframes.com. We'd be happy to answer them!

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