How do I edit the photos on my frame?

To edit photos in the Aura app, first tap on the photo to view the photo details page. Tap "position" in the lower right corner to adjust the photo. You can zoom in on an area of the photo or zoom out to show a photo in its entirety. If you're choosing to zoom out on the photo, pinch the photo until it's your desired size and black bars appear on either side of the image. You also have the option to rotate the photo if it's in the wrong orientation.

Remember to tap "save" to keep any changes you've made to the photo! You'll then be able to preview how the photo will look on your frame before it is displayed. You can always adjust the cropping or orientation of the photo later by following the steps above.

If you require further assistance please don't hesitate to contact Aura's Customer Support by emailing or calling 646-630-7237.

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