How do I add photos to my frame?

You can either select individual pictures from the Photos, Collections or Albums section in the app, or you can add an entire Album or Collection by clicking the 'Add All' button. Selecting the option to 'Add All' in either Albums or Collections will allow Aura's software to filter your photos, displaying the best ones on your frame, plus any new photos added to that album or collection will be automatically analyzed for your frame.

Select individual photos by tapping "Choose Photos" and by checking the small circle on the bottom right of each photo (a green check will mark the selected photos). Once you have finished selecting your photos tap "Add Photos" before selecting the frame. All the photos you have checked will be added to the "Added" photos section in the app.

The app also includes a Google Photos integration which allows you to connect your Google Photos account. Google photos offers unlimited storage and can store all of your photos from your Computer which can then be shared to the frame. When you open the Aura App, scroll down to where you see "Google Photos - Link Account" and select "Add Account". You are then invited to enter your Gmail address and password. Once this is complete you'll have access to all your Google Photos.

Aura works with IFTTT to offer even more ways to get photos on your frame. Turn on Applets to sync your frame with Dropbox, Instagram, Google Photos, and more.

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