My frame won't connect to WiFi. What should I do?

First, please make sure your phone has Bluetooth enabled and that you are connected to your home WiFi before plugging in the frame and opening the app. Please ensure you are standing close enough to the frame to enable the bluetooth connection to work, and confirm that the WiFi router does not have additional security features enabled that prevent Aura from joining the network such as MAC address filtering.

Please note the below WiFi network configurations that are not supported by Aura:

Aura does not support WiFi networks that require visiting a captive portal web page before connecting to the internet. A captive portal is a web page that must be visited directly from the device connecting to the WiFi network for you to fill out a username / password or click a box before you can access the internet.

Aura does not support enterprise WiFi networks (referred to as WPA-Enterprise or 802.1X) that require an individual username and password or certificate instead of a shared WiFi password for all users. This type of network is sometimes found in offices, or other corporate or institutional settings. In some situations you can contact your IT department to find an alternative solution.

If you require further assistance to connect your frame to WiFi please contact customer service at

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