My frame says it's offline. How do I reconnect it?

If your frame loses its WiFi connection it will display a message on the screen saying "Offline." This message will appear for 24 hours before your frame's screen reverts to the setup screen with four numbers and a message alerting you that the frame has lost its WiFi connection.

Please try the below steps to reconnect your Aura frame.

1. Reboot your frame

Unplug and replug the power cord. Wait for your frame to power back on and initiate its connection with your WiFi network before troubleshooting further.

2. Check that your frame is connected to the correct WiFi network.

You can view the network details in the Aura App. First, open the app and tap on the "Settings" icon on the top left. Next, tap on your frame name before scrolling down to where you'll see the option "WiFi Network." Do not tap on the Network Name unless you wish to change WiFi networks, as clicking this will disconnect the frame from its current network and prompt you to enter network details for a new WiFi network.

3. Re-add the frame in the Aura App

Don't worry - this won't actually add a new frame! Tap your frame name at the bottom of the app home screen. Click "+ New Frame" and follow the steps to "Set Up A New Frame." Once your frame is connected to WiFi your photos will start to display immediately.

4. Move your frame closer to your WiFi router.

Assess whether this helps strengthen the network connection.

5. Check your network connection.

Use this app to test your WiFi connection. If the network is weak, contact your Internet Service Provider who can install a WiFi booster. This can make a big difference in regards to your frame's functionality and ability to stay connected to WiFi.


If you require further assistance please don't hesitate to contact Aura's Customer Support by emailing or calling 646-630-7237.

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